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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Evolution of Computation and Mankind 11 9 06 0530-0700

Evolution of Computation and Mankind

There is so much computational work in the future, that all computation units; Animals, Plants, Humans, PC's have formed/are forming/will form networks, in a big network in which every unit has its ecological niche, like in the biggest to date computational network... the evolution ... our time has come we now have to find, as the animals before us, our ecological niche, and to find a way to work together with the faster computational units... like animals like dogs, hawks etc. did, and worked together with mankind.

But it will be like that, that no one can be without the other (inferior or superior), in this computational network, because every computational unit will have so much to do, to process the data which is suited for him ...

... finding our niche and to be flexible enough to grow with the other computational units, till we found our niche and work together with the other computational Units in a big data processing network, is the goal of life and the computational process and network (process) called evolution...

... the only difference to the animals is that we now can choose, where to stop to grow with the fastest computational Units, and to choose what niche we would like to live, to process data, in... ...but are 'We' really able to stop the process of computational growth, or are we already 'slaves' of the evolution and can't stop when ever we wish... ... thus aren’t we (not) a part of non self conscious network called humanity of computational units called humans... and is it that, this thought of being not capable, to say "'we' want to stop here", makes us so afraid of the future and the unknown moment when we have to find the niche in the evolution and global computational network, and are we afraid that we may be left off unsatisfied by the faster computational units/networks, or even be extinct because we are replaced by the faster computational units/networks, or of the possibility that these faster computational units/networks don't even need nature it self, and life in its traditional way gets obsolete and extinct, ... or is this just a point of view ... maybe we just cant think of a different form of humanity or nature grown out of the previous generations in the computational process of evolution... ... like dinosaurs maybe couldn't imagine to live with mammals as reptiles...

(Wieso: Dune (Film) ansehend, geschlafen (0100 bis 5 Uhr), dann auf Wikipedia “The Spacing Guild” and Thinking Machinese nachlesend, und dann halt auf verschiedene Gedanken über Computaiton und die Zukunft der Menschheit und Cumputational Units (Ray Kurzweil, Internet, Unconventional computing))

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