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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Who knows how to handle money, please do not rais your hand?

The biggest problem with capitalists is, that they never understood capital!
But then, who does?

There is no lie, or false truth
there is only
missing truth
That is, what I am certain of,
that uncertainty will exist till the end of time
This certainty of uncertainty is my personal thought and basis on and of property and thus capital, only the sum may turn propery certain or absolutely owned, and thus having absolute power over it!?

Thats for me the essence of freedom and liberty, because uncertainty creats freedoms.
Only the sum of all parts may be certain, but everything within the system is uncertain, because parts are missing, truth is missing; thus freedom to choose and act, within this system of uncertainty, is created.

At the same moment thats the dilemma of so many (western) thinkers, and myself:
They want to be certain, want to posess absolute truth;
but at the same moment they love uncertainty, thus freedom.
How are they and I myself able, not to misjudge?
There is no way, but only all, the sum may not misjudge...

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