Uni Brennt

Friday, August 08, 2008


All these books, are parents of our time, constituting it, and at the same time created by it. The pattern, and its neurons, and symbols, constitutionating it.

What else is it then, when you create a new book (theory/Word/Begriff/Diskurs/dream/task/project), than art.

If it is lurking already in the pattern, the theory, do you have to read all those books?

Or is it important to know all the books, to be a part of the pattern, rather than quoting on them.
But if you are that much integrated in the pattern, that you are not forced to quote them, why do you have to know them then?
Or is it, self regulative: You want to know them, if you are badly integrated. This poor integration may be identified by this feeling of misplacement, that you are foreign, alien, wrong, not normal, even not welcome here, at this time and space, of the pattern (rather than feeling empty, and without knowledge - which is rarely the case).
Is it then, that you are out of the pattern? Is this the space outside the pattern, the field?
Is it rather important, to cultivate on that, rather than reducing this uncertainty, by getting integrated into the pattern, by diving in all these books and words/diskurs, etc., or even in all those Wikipedia articles?
Anyways, is this, foreignness you want to make certain and complemate, by diving into the field, is this uncertainty, or something else?
Is Art created at that place, where you feel foreign, new...?
To explore this new, to cultivate it, is this your obligation to your artistical creativity and individuality?
Is it the place, where your own parallel pattern to the macro-pattern, leaves them all behind.
Is it the place, which saves your individuality (thus individuality, is created in the other, the new, the future, the not-equalized; but maybe being other/different/foreign, has to be maybe the mayor equalizer, uncertain in certainty) and creative lifeform, by leaving the pattern and all approaches of trials for certainty behind, and thus also categorization (because categorization, is only a mean to reach certainty, but the art to reach certainty, is art, is uncertainty within certainty, the pattern above the pattern, the new, and within the next pattern).
So the new, the foreign, the other, is nothing but a new pattern, and may be one day, nothing but normal, and the furthest away from art.
And then the new foreign will be art, art, the new pattern, within the next pattern,...
...till absolute certainty.
...culture till certainty!
...pattern till awareness!