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Monday, October 20, 2008

Towards Universal Unity in Diversity - Unidentified political object - Solidare de fete - Solutions United

United Nations TV - Archive Highlights

Just wait and see, how fast the people of the african continent will achieve unity and prosperity in a blink of an eye, no matter if it takes 20 or 80 more years. Compared to regions like Europe, who got their self inflicted share of sorrow and lessons, after thousands of years of (trans-)continental conflict and polarisation, and who only yet start to unite in diversity.
But at least through that, they were able to learn, finally, by teaching themselves through hard lessons, what real universal unity and tolerance is,... Diversity!
And thus they also were able to make the knowledge of humanity more complete, so that the people of tomorrow, may be even better prepared for mistakes, and less often repeat them.

But you may consider this as well, that approximately 200 years ago, no one knew much about this continent called Africa, and it's people.
And look now, how its people have influenced and changed the world, for the better. Even if it was for them a very, very unfriendly road, but they still changed and influenced the world for great part to the better, and sowed the seeds, and fought for a more free and equal world, ultimately for all of us to benefit of this achievement!
Who is now the slow-developer?!
No one is! Because even in, and espacially through time, we are equal, equal by universal unity, in diversity

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