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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The gamers, the dreamers; our hell!

About Gamers, Perfectionists, Lazy People, Creative People, Surfers³, Over Performers, Anarchists, Frenchmen, Sociologists, Italians, Westerners, Parents, Mothers, Fathers, and Children, Workaholics, Slackers, Consumers, Dreamers, Artists, Writers, and their Worlds, and this, our Society, against the local network (of cities and habitats, worlds, games and dreams), and Friends (& cats); and what makes them one kind, of beautiful desperate people:

"We are THE children of hell!", I said to my brother.
...We are dreamers.
We are those people, who corporations, and the economy loves, we are their work horse, of the new creative economy.
We are the devils, the evil agents, of the god of growth, or as his real name is, the god of dreams.

Our dreams, are the spitting fire of hell, the beautiful devil, called growth, in the skin, of the glamorous polished, designed world of today, made up by our dreams, perfectly creatively designed, expressing all our dreams, which we want to reach.

... wou, wou, wou, STOP!... Keep it short and simple, because we do not have the time, because there is so much more information out there, in our great expanded world, which we have to process, in order to enhance ourselves, preparing for the ever moving future WE HAVE TO create, and perform.

We are the children of hell, because we do not allow us the time, to dream, and be creative, BUT at the same time force us to be creative, dream, because it is our greatest desire.
We want to achieve the impossible, ultimate dream!
AND THEN, we also have to be virtues, perfect, everything has to be perfect, at the same time.
We have to be consumers, but at the same time responsible consumers.
Still thinking, that we are lazy, and have done the wrong thing, wasted time, and have done by far too few things, and especially enormously inefficiently.
But who is the devil, who imposes this on us, is it the public society, which shows us every day perfect shows, which we consume.
Or is it us, who dream of these perfect worlds, and force us to fulfil them, and consume them virtuously, responsibly, and perfectly.

We gamers, are the utmost devilish breed from hell. We are the greatest dreamers.
Children gone nuts, insane, running wacko.

Not society does this to us; it rather does it to itself.
Because of all those new possibilities, and worlds, we explore and discover, where no one has ever gone before. We do not know anymore where to go, and dream next.
Some give up, one or the other way, along the path.
But the ultimate gamer, dreams, plays on, till he has reached the game of his dreams.
The perfect life, world, game; of his/her dreams.

I am one of those very deep rooted ones, fresh from hell, unstoppable creative, and inspiration eating, eager to play, to work, for the game, the ultimate dream.

Everything has to work for the dream, even our friends, games, wellbeing and life’s.
Life begins to exist for our dream, our game; rather than the game, and dream for our life’s.

We are the children, of this hell, of this sickness, of our society of dreams.
Because we have perfected it, because we think we are the most useless part of this dream, because we think, that we ONLY dream. And do not allow us to see, that dreaming is the most demanding work, that there is. Others just work, but we work for a dream... can't you hear, that pride, that god like mission, and objective, which we are slaves of, and still don't like to mention it, because, the dream has to be perfect, and just has to be, rather than be sold, and posed with, it should be more than a product, it should be an enlightenment... ...we are really children of hell, don't you hear, out of these words, the devilish mission, that enslaves us. We do not work, not simply for a dream, but rather for a holy mission. What a tiring mission!

BUT we don't know anymore that there is something else than the dream, thus we work unquestioned, ever creative and productive, forcing us to be creative, even when we are being inspired, and filter, process information, for our creative dream, the ultimate innovatively creative work.
Forgetting the network, of inspiration, our friends, the dream which we have been creating already around us, by living it, trusting, that our love and faith FOR it, will create it one or the other way. Once again realising, that there is nothing such as laziness, only circular worship of dreams, rather than dreams for our life’s, and their connecting love and faith.
We neither have to feed, or be fed by our dreams!
If we love what we do, there will always be enough to eat, no matter what dream, we will dream, and inspire each other, just have a celebration, of all those good food, and dreams, that you cared for, with love and faith, inspiring your friends and network, your world, your game, YOUR DREAM.

Just look, at this text, I process society, at the very frontier, of digital culture, I do work in, by and for the society, which I create, and the dreamers before me, created for me, inspiring me.

So what do I want to say?
Do I want to say, that creative, inspiring, dreaming people, are the most evil devils?
Hell NO!
But as long as we don't understand them/us, and this kind of life, we will keep on creating this hell, of a society!

...and the perfect dream, of the great dream, of a perfect dreamer, will not be that perfect otherwise, the last error is missing ;-D.

Not because he died recently, but because he is such a dramatic good example of this spirit, and life and style:
I want to mention Michael Jackson as example.
Because he was/is such a dreamer and self-enslaveingly unequally inspiring person, because of that I wish he finally can rest in peace, and wish that we learn from him, how to be in peace with us, and everyone, and our dreams.

He not only teaches us inspiration, and the great thing about it, and why we should be careful how to dream, he is also an great example, of how this virus is spread, simple by inspiring us. Which is good, because I love his dream, but we have to learn to live with this, dreamers sickness, in order to play and live the dream.
To do this, we must stop to compete with our inspirations, and with him; and instead just dream, with the inspirations, creating our own dream, and network, by love and faith, which guides our dedication, inspiration, game, worlds, and dreams.

Michael Jackson, is (one of) the most inspiring person(s), he is my absolute dreamer.
But he also learned and that he wanted to teach his children (us and his real ones).

Thus learn and listen, to the "greatest" dreamer, and don't let yourself be killed, by your dreams, don't forget to live (, the dreams worlds, you have networked, created around you)!
Just have faith, and love! Thus you do not need to worry, about your dreams.
You then will just live the dreams, like a child, which had the faith, the same way, as when you were the first time inspired, by the dreams, performances, and games of this great world.
Without this faith and love for life, the children, the dreams, will drown in its own waters, and every bit and sound of this reality, of the game, will distract us, because we do not play and enjoy the love for the game anymore, we only will dream, and consume, and be consumed every day, by the dreams.

But as the dreams are the most extreme motivation for work; love and faith are the most extreme dedication and motivation to live and dream.
And never forget, before you can work, you must be motivated, but to be motivated, you must be hungry for food, for a dream; thus you have to dream, to be able having a dream; but in order to dream you must live, and for living you must be able to have faith and love, in life, like a real dreamer, a gamer, like a real child.

Let the inspiration, the error work, once again... have faith and love, playingly!

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