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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Frontier³: Video Games? "Ludology VS Narratology", or Game(r)city!?

I just have one thing to say.

GAMEING WILL PREVAIL!!! ... and not divided by "classical (rational) thought" ("Ludology VS Narratology" bla), a game is not seperateable from the playable and the not-playable; it is one diverse art, multiverses, and game play; melting together.

It's yours how to controle your game (reality/dream/life), that is THE play; play, dream and inspire on, no matter which rules, the game is all about your style, and not to be dictated by rules/dreams you do not want to live, play and inspire!!! [Against competition and best/growth thinking/science/religion, without the sharing of the diversity of dreams/inspirations, but rather competing without a shared vibe/world/dream/{like this}decency, style & spirit] (whole paragraph added: 09.08.2009 18:00)

Save the Videogame!!!

Spread the word and the play, which cannot be kept separate (Souvik Mukherjee)

The National Videogame archive.

Let's join, play together at the Gamecity - 27-31 October 2009, in Nottingham (UK).

Here more great gameing stuff/links/topics...
The Artful Gamer (Canada)
Metalab (Vienna) & "The journay to the end of the night"-Streetgame
Subotron (Vienna)

Articles I wrote about the topic:
The gamers, the dreamers; our hell!
Video Games and the Female Audience

And never forget pictures tell also a story (Rhianna Pratchett)!

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