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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, well, well, I hate-love the internet & criticism!

So, this world is a too complex world to understand, but it always surprises how beautiful it is, in all its chaos.

So one of my blogs more serious readers, which I do not personally know (and those are few), raised my attention, and showed me some new ways to look in a critic way on to the world.
With some things I cannot fully agree, and some I can, but that is the great thing about this chaotic world, you can find a common ground, but never be completely the same.
So here is the link to one of her blog entries, rethink your critic view on the world, and judge yourself... (here)

For that matter, enjoy this American comedian, which I discovered, also though that blog (great critic):

"George carlin nails it"
"George carlin on critical thinking, wage labor, politicians and their pockets, etc...."

The funniest thing about the whole blog entry of her is, that I didn't know of that day, some few days ago, and I liked the idea... and then some days afterwards, I already get some critics, from some Indian fellow student.
That’s the way of the internet, and communication of as many views on reality as possible!

And in case my comment on that blog entry, isn't published, here is the copy:

Hmmm, this discussion is quite interesting.

I am myself an environmental engineer, studying international development, but what does that mean anyway...

...well in the end, I believe, and I think it is a question of non-religious-organisational believe, because no one can understand such a complex system as society or nature, in a whole, so science is just a tiny but good try to understand it, so we can work with it, but it is no end-solution, or final answer to any of those questions.

Never the less I love logic, thus I know that I will never achieve absolute wisdom, thus I must always look around me and try to Co-exist with as many entities as possible, no matter if you call it nature, bees, Germans, Chinese, Muslim or Aliens, it doesn't matter who. Because if I don’t support diversity, I will one day become intolerant, and thus venerable to error, because I don’t see the whole spectrum of reality anymore.

Nature is the best example, that this world is too complex, to fully grasp.

But what I stand for (also as engineer) is trying my best, to Co-exist, with as many other entities as possible, as long my own live is not limited (at which point I am limited, is each ones personal decision). Because that is the same question as environmental protection,... which life-form has more rights?

I think no life-form has any rights. So because, no one has any rights, we become equal in the fact, that we don’t have any rights, thus we have to be treated equally.

So there is no difference, between you and me, animal and human, etc., we all do not have any rights, but we would have equal rights, thus we have all the equal rights to live (namely none, but equal).

As George Carlin put it very nice in that video, nature produced humanity.

So in the moment, when live comes into existence, it has no rights at all, because no one said there are laws (at least if you don’t believe in some sort of god).

But as I said, all other life forms have none too, so they have to be treated equally... and if nature, or humanity doesn't want any more or any humans at all, nature or humanity should have prevented humanity to reproduce any more of its kind, in the first place.

PS: Great article & Blogs, I love ground shaking critics, even if they are sometimes too critic, but I like people more who are over critic, than fanatics and ignorant people!

But I have to agree with you and George Carlin, many of the environmentalists are self righteous and hate humanity, but humanity is a product of nature, of this universe for that matter.

Keep the great work up; fill the world with realistic critic.

And thanks for your comment on my Blog, and for raising my attention on your topics.

Have a nice day,


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Nsae Comp said...

Antwort auf eine Mail, bezüglich dieses Blog Eintrags.
"Ich auch nicht, aber ich mag allgemein Kritik, somit hab ich meinen eigenen Schluss daraus gezogen, und hab halt ihren Blog inspirierend gefunden, wieder aus der Perspektive, dass Kritik immer gut ist, genauso wie der amerikanische Satiriker, auch wenn man gar nicht einer meinung ist, solange man konstruktiv kritisiert... und wie gesagt, nicht ignorant oder fanatisch ist.

Der Satiriker, ist weniger witzig, sondern ich würde es erfrischend nennen, das ganze umständliche Denken beiseite räumend..."