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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Search for paradise?: Preaching VS free culture and idea?

I wish you certainty
Good cultivation

your combined shells,
are immortal

Your shell may be mortal,
but not your certainty,
it is without time.

Certainty is something very personal,
and the ultimate is reached when you are able to let go.
Certainty of what? We shall not know.
But you will have reached

Thus I wish you certainty.

On the way there,
you may be accompanied
you may generate

Thus I wish you good cultivation.
Which culture, and what good is, is yours to decide, it may be your certainty.

Culture is immortal,
Certainty is its purity,
it's the state,
when you are satisfied
with culture,
what you have cultivated,
the culture you are a defining part of.
Thus immortal
Because culture is immortal.
Your, this certainty is without time,
this is your personal ascension.
No one other than you will be able to define certainty,
but they will be your peers.
Your journey/purification/pilgrimage fellows.
Your cultivation peers.
The other inputs of your shared culture.
The neurons of the network, called culture.
Your project, next existence, shell, new age of your universal organism, called culture,
Your children.
The next state of life, of you.
Everything else is nothing but a
Are you ready to let go,
are you ready to die,
are you certain?

Culture till Certainty

Certainties, decisions, culture, decide, cultivate.
Certainties, decisions; culture; decide, cultivate.
A network of THEM.
Live and love your, network, culture of THEM.

Culture is always ready(?)
Culture may not be defined, but it is the highest certainty, and everyone may cultivate his own certainty, your part of the whole culture, your part of the next phase, existence, your place in the immortal organism, your children, it's nothing but a transformation!
Reach certainty and you will understand, and you will be able to let go, you will be able to transform.

---said Electra the most certain network, to their trusted, less certain beings.

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