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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bossfight! FACEing my biggest eNemY! The ("big"?) City! First attempts of travel discoveries, and its heroes and the body it creates! NeighbourhoodS?

What does it mean to live, here and there, now and then?

>>My god (story/conflict/hero(es)), it's (full of) one {warped} worldS [lightS] (,of faiths and inspirations; times and spaces)!

...first (re-)discoveries...
The Austrian Culture Forum in New York City (linked here).

The "London" effect!(?)


THE PROVENANCE OF BEAUTY. from Sunder Ganglani on Vimeo.


Be Kind Rewind - Ghost Busters

Bossfight: Cities and company projects domination/heroism, and its plac/bodies and times.


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