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Monday, October 19, 2009

The fun theory! (?)

"The Frontiers"

=> A very, very, interesting computer game, that picks up the topic of migration, across heavy guarded borders like the European Union:
The game hompage (here).
The developers (Austria/German) (here).
A presentation (here)...

...by them...

+ Another game topic: Regarding game avatars, and their function see this link (here).
And some inspiration, for this topic:
R-CANE-1 | MySpace Video

Joseph Campbell - Psyche and Symbol (1 of 10)


And at last, one more absolute great thing:
The Fun Theory

Bottle Bank Arcade - TheFunTheory.com - Rolighetsteorin.se

The world's deepest bin - Thefuntheory.com - Rolighetsteorin.se

Piano stairs - TheFunTheory.com - Rolighetsteorin.se

Here the Theory/Project/Award Homepage (here).